7 Best Restaurants in Barbados

By Banita Sadhra on 8th December, 2023

Barbados, a gem of the Caribbean, not only boasts stunning beaches and vibrant culture but also offers a tantalizing array of culinary delights. From fresh seafood to Caribbean-infused international cuisine, the island is a haven for food enthusiasts. Join us as we embark on a gastronomic journey through the 7 best restaurants in Barbados, where flavors, ambiance, and hospitality converge to create unforgettable dining experiences.


Champers Restaurant Barbados

Champers Restaurant Barbados is a popular restaurant in Bridgetown, known for its fresh Barbadian food and amazing views. The menu here offers a wide range of delicious meals from fresh seafood, chicken dishes, and vegetarian cuisines, your food will be accompanied by a glass of wine. Champers restaurant is also celebrated for its beautiful views overlooking the Caribbean Sea!

Champers Restaurant Barbados

Positioned right by the water, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset whilst you dine. Whether you’re indulging in a romantic dinner for two or a casual lunch, Champers offers the perfect setting for you to truly relax in Barbados. 

Location: Skeetes Hill, Bridgetown, Barbados

For more info visit: www.champersrestaurant.com

Lone Star

Get ready to step into the 1950s at the Lone Star, an iconic restaurant in West Coast Barbados. On your visit here, you will receive impeccable service, amazing views of the white sand beach, and a chance to enjoy the delicious food available. 

Lone Star barbados

The menu at the Lone Star offers a delightful journey of mouthwatering  European flavors with a Caribbean influence, which features the Lone Star’s chicken tikka masala curry and homemade shepherd’s pie. This amazing restaurant also caters to youngsters offering the ‘Little Stars’ menu for children to enjoy fantastic food like fish fingers and chips.  For an extra special lunch or a Sunday feast, The Lone Star provides an unrivaled location to savor the best of Barbados while basking in a unique blend of elegance and charm.

Location: Hwy 1b Mount Standfast, Barbados

For more info visit: www.lonestar.com

The Fish Pot

Located on the serene northwest coast of Barbados, The Fish Pot is a family-friendly dining establishment that sits directly on the water’s edge.  An open-air covered terrace offers uninterrupted views of the Caribbean Sea, while the airy, informal dining rooms feature large picture windows facing toward the horizon. Finished with coral stone walls, eclectic artwork and a relaxed island vibe, the Fish Pot Restaurant is an ideal setting for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Fish Pot barbados

The Fish Pot showcases a Caribbean and internationally inspired menu, and is really known for its fresh fish and seafood dishes, featuring locally caught produce. Make sure to indulge in the amazing menu from grilled lobster, Kasmiri-style curries, and crab salads. Accompany it with a glass of wine – the wine selection hails from Margaret River in Australia, the hometown of owner Andrew Warden.

Location: Little Good Harbour Hotel Shermans St.Lucy St. Lucy, BB27190

For more info visit: www.thefishpot.com

Fusion Rooftop, Holetown

Located atop the Limegrove Lifestyle Complex, the Fusion Rooftop is an al fresco restaurant and chic lounge on the highest floor. This restaurant offers a beautiful setting, excellent service and a feng shui design. The live fire pits and water features create a luxury dining experience for 250 guests! The menu caters to various tastes and flavors including sushi, fresh fish and a wide selection of delicious desserts. 

Fusion Rooftop creates a memorable dining experience and is known as one of Barbados’ premier dining destinations. Enjoy a glass of wine or a signature cocktail with your meal. Designed for both small and large groups, this luxury restaurant in Barbados offers a lovely setting for weddings, receptions and even if couples fancy celebrating their special day in style!

Location: Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, Barbados

For more info visit: www.fusionrooftop.com

The Cliff Restaurant 

The Cliff, known as an elegant fine-dining restaurant offers a legendary status with a Michelin Star chef, Matt Worswick. Chef Matt Worswick has created a gourmet menu filled with the freshest ingredients which offers an international cuisine as well as Caribbean flavors. Indulge in the chargrilled mahi-mahi or enjoy the shrimp ravioli, Chef Worswick and his team will make sure they cater to you! The Cliff is one of the top restaurants in Barbados known for its delicious cuisine and laid back atmosphere.

The Cliff Restaurant barbados

The Cliff Restaurant in Barbados offers breathtaking views of the sea, with a view of the underwater marine life. This restaurant in Barbados is truly the perfect spot for anyone to enjoy a delicious meal in a beautiful setting. Don’t forget to visit the Twilight Bar which is located on the upper level of this Barbados restaurant and enjoy a wide selection of crafted cocktails after your hearty dinner. 

Location: Derricks, St. James, Barbados Holetown St. James, BB24110

For more info visit: www.thecliffrestaurant.com

QP Bistro

QP Bistro offers premium dining right on the beach and is a beautiful spot to watch the blue waves of the Caribbean Sea. Executive chef Athlone McCollin offers a classic cuisine of delights that involve both international and Caribbean flavors. Indulge in a lovely setting with panoramic views, a refreshing cocktail, and enjoy the delight of a lobster sandwich. 

QP Bistro barbados

QP Bistro is known for being one of the best restaurants in Barbados, providing a perfect setting to unwind and enjoy a leisurely meal. QP Bistro hosts different events, these feature local bands performing their favorite songs and entertaining the guests at QP Bistro during their meal, everyone can dance the night away here! 

Location: H’way 1 Derrick’s St. James BB, BB24110, Highway 1, Barbados

For more info visit: www.qpbistro.com

Cafe Luna

Located on the rooftop terrace of Little Arches Hotel, Cafe Luna is a charming open-air restaurant offering views of the Caribbean Sea featuring Mediterranean cuisine. Led by Canadian Executive Chef and owner, Mark DeGrunchy, who is also known as Moo who offers an impeccable dining experience for guests to enjoy. 

Cafe Luna barbados

The menu is incredibly innovative, with international dishes that cater to both meat eaters and vegans, all the food lovers will enjoy all the delicious dishes here.  Sundown cocktails provide the perfect way to unwind after a relaxing day by the water, and overlooking the setting sun above the Caribbean Sea.

Location: Enterprise Beach Rd, Oistins, Barbados

For more info visit: www.cafeluna.com

Barbados boasts an amazing culinary scene so visitors can enjoy a wide range of tastes and preferences. From the stunning seaside views to charming fine dining restaurants, Barbados offers a wide range of dining options. With each establishment offering a friendly service, fresh national dishes, nice atmospheres, and relaxing views, everyone will enjoy the vacation away to Barbados. We hope we have helped you find the best places to eat in Barbados and let us know how you found all 7 best restaurants in Barbados!

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