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Chris_Ralston-destination_magazinesChris Ralston, former England and British & Irish Lions rugby player and owner and chief executive of Ralston Holding company Ltd welcome note.

“I would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to those visiting destination Magazines website for the first time and a big hello to old friends and those familiar with the website. The in-flight magazine business has been long standing in my family, with the publication and distribution of Gulf Air’s Golden Falcon magazine in 1972. My Father was also involved in the cruise ship industry, publishing for the major shipping lines, visiting the Islands throughout the Caribbean. The company has seen three generations successfully develop and expand the brand. Publishing is something I very much enjoy, as I have met many brilliant and interesting people on the islands, whom I have learnt a great deal from. I feel very much at home every time I visit, as I always receive a very warm welcome and always enjoy my time, be it for business or pleasure. I am very proud of what Destination magazines have achieved and how highly they are valued by those advertising in Destination magazines and those using them as a guide on what to do and where to go on the Islands. I am also very fortunate to have dedicated teams on the Islands, whom all put in so much hard work to make the magazines so highly valued.  The website is a value-added benefit to advertisers and offers them the opportunity to reach a worldwide, affluent audience with links to each advertiser’s personal website as well as our partner airlines. The site is extensively promoted through the Destination magazines, which has a readership of approximately two million.”


The flagship of Destination magazines, Destination Bermuda was proceeded by Destination Cayman, followed by Aruba, St Maarten, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Turks & Caicos. Chris Ralston will also look to launch new Caribbean titles in the future.

Chris is delighted with the success of his publications and believes that it is due to their unique distribution: they offer a warm welcome to passengers boarding flights on American and United Airlines. In addition, the magazines are distributed in a number of first class airline lounges across the USA.

The Destination/Discover magazines are considered to be the premier tourism publications on each island they serve. They give accurate insight into island life because local editors, who work with the best regional writers and photographers produce them all.

Chris Ralston and his hard working production teams are proud of the website and the opportunities it can offer to promote their advertisers in the areas they serve.


Ralston Holding Company Ltd is devoted in catering for all the needs and wants that are required by those travelling to the Islands covered under the “Destination Magazines” umbrella. Our mission is to help and guide those new to the Islands, on what to expect, which is a very enjoyable Caribbean stay and pointing out any new & exciting changes to our friends visiting again. We believe Destination magazines will encourage and motivate people to achieve their own personal fulfilment, expected from visiting the Islands and make them feel very happy and satisfied.

The Destination Magazines website,  encompasses all the islands covered by the magazines. It is an extension of Destination magazines that can be viewed on smart phones and tablet computers

Our motto is derived from the Old Spanish saying ” Mi casa es su casa” as we believe that those visiting the islands, guided by destination Magazines, will feel right at home.