Ultimate travel guide to North and Middle Caicos

By Hannah Barnard on 28th October, 2018

The islands of North Caicos and Middle Caicos are found in the centre of the Caicos Islands archipelago, and collectively make up most of the land mass in the Turks and Caicos. They are the perfect destination for the adventurous and outdoor-inclined, with miles of secluded beaches, rugged ocean cliffs lines and beautiful green scenery to be explored.

Ultimate travel guide to North and Middle Caicos (3 of 11)

View from The Eyrie, Middle Caicos

The islands of North and Middle Caicos are known locally for being the ‘greenest’ of all the inhabited isles. Though hardly tropical, these sister islands get a much more favorable share of the yearly rainfall and are blessed with slightly better soil quality than the usual limestone sands of Providenciales – as such, plant life and vegetation flourish. Papayas grow tall here, looming over your head, the local trees burst with flames of orange flowers, hummingbirds buzz by, nature is just at your fingertips.

Ultimate travel guide to North and Middle Caicos

North Caicos

If you thought Provo was an escape from the real world – just wait until you step foot into the quiet little garden known simply as “North.” The best way to arrive is by sea, catching the ferry from Provo is easy and quick, clocking in at about 25 minutes one way. There are a number of tour companies that offer different excursions to both North and Middle Caicos – bike riding exploration for the more adventurous, or an air-conditioned bus with local food stops for those that like their creature comforts – but if you choose to make your own way over, we do recommend renting a car. You won’t have any trouble with traffic here; the roads are paved and blessed with very little use, so expect a smooth ride. Do make sure to fill up with gas and plenty of cold water before you set out on your adventure.

Ultimate travel guide to North and Middle Caicos

Goats of North Caicos

North Caicos is one of the largest of the inhabited Caicos Islands, but with a population of just over 1,500 residents, it’s also one of the quietest. Farming is the tradition here and continues today, with many locals growing incredible crops of tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, mangoes, sugar cane and peppers to name just a few.

Ultimate travel guide to North and Middle Caicos

Wades Green, North Caicos

Wades Green is by far the finest example of the old plantation settlements. The National Trust has, in the last few years, claimed back a lot of the incredible original buildings from the overgrowth, making this now visitor friendly spot well worth the visit. Guided tours are available for the historically keen, and nature enthusiasts will revel in spotting the Yellow Crowned Night Heron stalking lizards through the grounds. The views are beautiful.

Ultimate travel guide to North and Middle Caicos

Mudjin Harbour with views to Dragon Cay, Middle Caicos

Middle Caicos

Middle Caicos is an easy drive from North over the ‘causeway,’ and is a wonderful way to immerse yourself into the true culture of the TCI. Make sure to stop off at one of the small local restaurants on island to discover the freshest fish you’ll ever taste, and some real Caribbean eats such as okra rice and fried plantain!

Ultimate travel guide to North and Middle Caicos

Conch Bar Caves, Middle Caicos

The beaches here are long, empty and strewn with glistening sea glass treasures. Mudjin Harbour in particular, famous for its olde pirate tales and secret pathways through the cliffs, is truly breathtaking in its beauty. Do not miss the chance to breathe in the salty air, and watch the waves crash on Dragon Rock; this is where memories are made.

Explore the wildly immense Lucayan cave system, marvel at the perfectly round ‘bluehole’ and its mysterious waters, stroll miles of unspoiled white sands, discover the history and culture of the Turks and Caicos. If you like to get off the beaten path a little, this island hop is for you. Your visit to the “garden” will be an adventure not soon forgotten.


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