Ultimate travel guide to Little Cayman

By Hannah Barnard on 13th February, 2018

Planning a vacation to the Cayman Islands? It would be a crime not to visit Little Cayman. Its laid-back charm and relaxed pace of life offers the perfect tropical getaway.

Monica Walton Beachbox TV

Little Cayman, Cayman Islands | Photo Credit: Monica Walton

Getting to Little Cayman

Take a short hop of just ten minutes by plane from Cayman Brac and you can land in true paradise, Little Cayman. The island measures in at just 10 miles long and an average width of just 1 mile. Here, peace and tranquility are the order of the day. It’s an incredible place to unwind in happy seclusion, with the twinkling turquoise sea, gentle breeze and white sand beaches as your backdrop.

Little Cayman - Cayman Islands

Relax at the Southern Cross Club | Photo Credit: Neil van Niekerk

Natural paradise

The National Trust of the Cayman Islands has its own house on the island to help visitors understand more about the island’s natural habitats and animals. It’s a treasure trove of information. Birds are a big draw here too, and Booby Pond is home to a colony of 20,000 red-footed booby birds and 350 frigatebirds and is a major breeding and overwintering site for herons, shorebirds, waders and ducks. The Bird Outlook on Booby Pond is an excellent place to watch birds and take their photos in the evening.

Little Cayman - Cayman Islands

Peace reigns supreme on Little Cayman | Photo Credit: Neil van Niekerk

Activities + adventure

There’s also the Little Cayman Museum and the Little Cayman Marine Museum to enjoy, helping visitors appreciate the history of this very special location. Bloody Bay wall is probably one of the most exciting dive locations anywhere in the world, starting at 20 feet and plunging to 6,000 feet. It’s an undersea world, the likes of which you probably won’t have ever seen before, teeming with colourful flora and fauna. Fishing is a popular and relaxing pastime and both deep sea and fly fishing are available.

Little Cayman - Cayman Islands

Beach views | Photo Credit: Neil van Niekerk

Where to stay on Little Cayman

Known for its barefoot luxury, Southern Cross Club’s spacious bungalows are situated along 900 feet of white coral sand beach, facing the gorgeous South Hole Sound and uninhabited Owen Island. The resort’s laid-back atmosphere, delicious à la carte menu and in-house diving trips makes for a dream vacation.

Southern Cross Club Little Cayman

Southern Cross Club, Little Cayman

Must do activities on Little Cayman:

  • Laze on the swing and drink in the view at the Southern Cross Club
  • Visit the Little Cayman Museum to learn about the island’s history
  • Explore the National Trust Booby Pond Nature Reserve
  • Dive the Bloody Bay Wall for spectacular underwater sights
  • Learn to kite surf with the island’s own kite surfing pros: Lost Boys KiteSurfing


For more information about Little Cayman visit the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism’s website.


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