The Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit to be the #1 most popular activity in St Maarten.

By Tristan Ralston on 24th August, 2015


For the 4th year in a row, Trip Advisor has named The Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit to be the #1 most popular activity in St Maarten. Reading some of the comments left online by visitors, you begin to see why.

“10 stars. Nicks fantastic!” says Tammy P, Jamesville from New York. “We found this gem walking around Front street. A must see for any Star Wars fan! Fantastic that Nick was right there to answer questions and autographed an original piece.”

The “Nick” he is referring to is Special Make-up and Creature Effects Designer Nick Maley, known internationally as “that Yoda Guy” for his contribution to creating Yoda for the Classic Star Wars Trilogy.

“Who would have thought that a place like this existed in the middle of the Caribbean?” asks Chris X. “I was totally blown away by the amount of stuff that was in the museum,”

“Utterly Amazing…” says Amy Collins. “We had a fabulous time there. Forget you we will not!!!! Thanks Nick Maley!!!!! Your an inspiration!!!!”

An inspiration? Well, yes. Because besides movie relics and the autographs of Star Wars celebrities, Nick’s museum is a non-profit foundation trying to inspire youths to be overcome negativity and to live exceptional lives.

“I must say that visiting “the Yoda Guy” was a highlight,” says Patrick C. of Kitchener, Canada.   “Not only were the exhibits fun to examine, but the passion that Nick has for encouraging young people to live their dream made this a great stop.”

“Getting to speak with Nick Maley, someone that actually worked on the original Star Wars trilogy, was one of the most awe-inspiring moments of my life,” adds Erik W. from San Francisco.   “We talked for a while about the aesthetics of hand-crafted models vs. CGI, the importance of preserving Star Wars’ history, and the impact that the films had on our lives.   But the one thing that really stuck with me was his comment about “doing what you love.”   Of all the people that I’ve met in my life, he managed to have a profound effect on me in only about 10 minutes or so, and so my memory of visiting that Yoda Guy is one that I’ll easily treasure for the rest of my life.”

“The Yoda guy!! He is there and a most amazing, unassuming man who tries to pass on his knowledge to all, particularly the young,” says Jenks from United Kingdom.

“Nick and his wife were absolutely wonderful,” adds Regina S. from Wisconsin. “We were glad to have listened to him give pep talks to many of the teens who walked in the door as well as taking time to give us personal attention. “

What is the secret to getting such glowing reviews? “Despite being very limited for space, we have three goals here,” Nick Maley explains. “Firstly, within the museum, we aim to provide a glimpse inside the world of making famous movies with displays related to Star Wars, Terminator, Alien and more. Secondly, in the shop, we provide access to celebrity signed, original, production used items that the public couldn’t acquire at a convention, even if they had payed a big entrance fee.   But thirdly, and most important to me, is my drive to explain to kids that you can’t live an extraordinary life by hanging out with your friends and doing what is “normal.” I tell them I’m a kid from low income housing who became part of Star Wars and 50 other movies, who painted 400 paintings and who lives in the Caribbean drinking pina coladas! The message is simple.   If you believe in yourself and make an exceptional effort, all things are possible.”

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