By Tristan Ralston on 4th March, 2016

On February 20th, 2016, IGY Marinas successfully implemented their first annual “Inspire Giving through You” initiative. The world-wide community service project occurred simultaneously across six (6) countries with over 300 volunteers from eight (8) participating IGY Marinas locations.

The IGY team, captains, crew, owners and local volunteers came together on behalf of local communities that surround their marinas. Volunteers provided hands-on restorations including; cleaning, painting, construction, installations, and basic repairs for seven (7) different non-profits. In appreciation to all participating volunteers, Tom Mukamal, CEO of IGY Marinas, stated, “The success of this outreach was derived from the collaborated efforts of our volunteers and the dedication of our staff members. Their perseverance and enthusiasm resulted in making a tangible impact in each of the communities. Their generosity has hopefully inspired others in the yachting community and beyond to spend time with friends and colleagues to give back. We look forward to significantly expanding these efforts in seasons to come.”

In addition, volunteers, including IGY Marinas’ staff and executives, at each location provided additional efforts personalized to the needs of each facility. More information regarding the initiative can be found here:

IGY St. Thomas Inspire Giving Through You 2 (1)

IGY St. Thomas Inspire Giving Through You

St. Thomas USVI: St. Thomas Swimming Association Community Pool and The Boys & Girls Club of St. Thomas – 48 volunteers assisted with contributing time and efforts to cleaning and painting the pool deck, showers, and restrooms of the Aquatic Training Center. Efforts were also directed to improving the Boys & Girls Club center by installing brand new ceiling fans and light fixtures, removal of unused or broken equipment, and organization of supplies.

St. Lucia, WI: The Boys Training Centre – 42 volunteers focused time and energy on grounds maintenance, painting of the exterior of the facility and improvements of a sustainable agricultural garden. Tasks included installation of exterior lighting, preparation of the land, de-bushing, clearing of the garden, and will be planting sweet potatoes and cucumber plants. The young men from the Boys Training Centre contributed their efforts the day before the event by using tractors to prepare the land.

IGY St. Maarten Feb 20th Inspire Giving Through You

IGY St. Maarten Feb 20th Inspire Giving Through You

St. Maarten, DC: ICAN Foundation Orphanage – 46 volunteers provided additional upgrades including installation of exterior and interior doors, construction of closets, setting up and repairing playground equipment, as well as the construction of a perimeter fence and awning.

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos: Provo’s Children’s Home – 23 volunteers assisted with basic upgrades of the care-facility and the additional tasks of re-stocking the food pantry and improvements and upgrades of information and technology needs.

Santa Marta, Colombia: Fundehumac Foundation – 45 volunteers worked together on the additional restoration projects of plastering walls/patching of cracks and holes, refurbishing the flooring, and performing repairs around the facility.

IGY Mexico Inspire Giving Through You 2 (3)

IGY Mexico Inspire Giving Through You

Cabo San Lucas, México: Cabo Carolina Cerebral Palsy Foundation & Local Parks – Over 100 volunteers assisted with modernizations of the Cabo Carolina Cerebral Palsy Foundation’s office and two (2) local parks which included building ramps, repairing walkways and overall beautification of the parks.

After the community initiative, IGY invited participants back to the marinas

for an appreciation party to celebrate a day of hard work. IGY Marinas expresses sincere appreciation for all contributors that made this event a grand success. IGY recognizes all volunteers,

non-profit directors, organization staff, and event coordinators for their participation in the event.

IGY aims to continue inspiring those in their communities to give back and will host another “Inspire Giving through You” event on June 11th, 2016. This event will incorporate the remaining marinas in the United States and Panama, as well as the each of the IGY Marinas executive office locations in New York, South Carolina, Florida, and the United Kingdom.

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