Team Aruba Starts Season Off with Number 2 Qualifying Spot

By Tristan Ralston on 15th March, 2016


ORLANDO, Fl. (March 15, 2016): After a week of successful testing, Team Aruba took their Pro Stock Mustang to the IHRA Amsoil Nitro Nationals with high hopes. Despite a tricky racing surface, Team Aruba, led by team owner, Ven Eman, and driver, Trevor Eman, took the team to a number two qualifying spot, covering the quarter-mile in 6.234 seconds. Number one qualifier, JR Carr, posted the exact same elapsed time, but edged out Eman for the pole position by virtue of a higher mile per hour.

Unfortunately, the remainder of Team Aruba’s weekend would not go as smoothly, as they bowed out in round one to New Yorker John Pluchino. The competitors posted close elapsed times, but Pluchino crossed the finish line first due to a quicker reaction time.

“We entered this event with immense enthusiasm as we rolled into the property proudly carrying and Aruba Airport Authority N.V. colors,” Eman spoke. “For the first event of the year, where we spent an entire week testing before the start of the event, to then go out in the first round is demoralizing, especially when you have an entire team behind you that has a very strong desire to do well.”

Despite Eman’s obvious disappointment, he recognizes the successes of their weekend, knowing Team Aruba has what it takes to run at the top of the pack in IHRA Pro Stock.

“Our entire week of testing was hugely successful,” added the young mechanical engineer. “We made plenty of runs where we learned some new things we thing we can be trying. Our test runs were fast and consistent. Drag racing is a funny thing. You can get very discouraged and demoralized after losing first round when running so well. The ride back home in the truck is never ending with the ‘Monday quarterback attitude’.

But as soon as you get home, get a decent night’s sleep and unload the race car the next morning, those feelings dissipate and the enthusiasm to get back to the next race is right back there again.

“So, that is what we shall do, of course. We are already preparing for the next event. We will do all we can to perform better and give our partners the results they deserve. The equipment is there; the team is there; the ability is there. We just need to make sure we add them all up and make it equate into the result we want.”

For Team Aruba, wins and losses on the track never tell the whole story, as they seek to spend their weekend promoting their island paradise home to fans, staff, sponsors, and fellow competitors at the event. The Amsoil Nitro Nationals provided a new area to promote Aruba. It was Team Aruba’s first trip to Orlando Speed World and they were received very well by Orlando area fans.

“We were very excited to promote Aruba in Orlando,” Eman stated. “Going into a completely new market, especially a great market like Orlando, provided a host of opportunities for us to introduce our ‘One Happy Island.’ We look forward to continuing our mission at the rest of the stops on the IHRA tour.”

Team Aruba will be at San Antonio Raceway, April 1-2 for the IHRA Texas Nationals.

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