Team Aruba Returns to Historic Maryland International Raceway for IHRA President’s Cup Nationals

By Tristan Ralston on 18th August, 2015

Union, S.C. (June 17, 2015) Maryland International Raceway has long been a hatching ground for historic races and record setting runs, especially among Mountain Motor Pro Stocks. This weekend Pro Stock returns to MDIR for the IHRA President’s Cup Nationals. Pro Stock standout Trevor Eman and Team Aruba have their sights set on making some historic runs of their own down this famed raceway.

“This is a race track we’ve visited often in the past for IHRA races, MMPSA races and testing opportunities,” stated Eman. “Budds Creek is full of history, great stories and incredible racing for the Mountain Motor Pro Stock class. It’s a fast race track where we always enjoy competing.

“Our engine is back from its scheduled maintenance and refreshing, along with some additional updates from Jon Kaase Racing Engines. We have great confidence in our engine builder and the entire team at JKRE to supply us with high horsepower engine and we can’t wait to have that evidence show up on the scoreboards in Budds Creek.”

Team Aruba has had a strong presence since re-joining the IHRA this season, and with continued horsepower improvements, are gunning for their first win of 2015. As focused as the team is on beating the competition, they also have a strong emphasis on their fans and partners. The Mustang will be proudly proclaiming a new sponsor just in time for the President’s Cup.

“This weekend and the rest of this season we will be accompanied by a new partner, the Aruba Airport Authority,” told Eman. “Since we have to travel by air for every race to get to the US, the airport here in Aruba is a place we visit often. Furthermore, it’s a place where all visiting tourists and potential visiting tourists of Aruba will walk through, so we feel the concept of being partnered with the Aruba Airport Authority is a perfect fit for both of us.

“The Aruba Airport was giving an award as being ‘highly commended’ for Excellence in Airport Marketing by the 2015 Routes Americas, a huge accomplishment for both the Aruba Airport Authority and Aruba itself. We look forward to carrying Aruba and the Aruba Airport Authority on fast runs this weekend in our Jerry Haas built Ford Mustang. We cannot be more proud to be partnered with such an organization and look forward to promoting our ‘One Happy Island’ together.”

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