By Tristan Ralston on 13th September, 2013

UNION, S.C. September 13, 2013: Looking to build upon their best season yet, Team Aruba had high hopes heading into Dragstock X. However, tricky conditions left many competitors scratching their heads and upsets became the rule as regular frontrunners were sidelined early in qualifying and eliminations. Unfortunately for Team Aruba, this was also the case for the / Alltel Wireless Mustang.

Trevor Eman and team had a credible performance during qualifying, securing the number 15 spot with a 4.129 at 176 MPH. Although this put them in the field, the team was fighting an electrical issue, as well as finicky track conditions and knew they weren’t running the numbers of which they were capable. Unfortunately, their issues would follow them to round one against competitor Kevin Bealko. Eman bested Bealko on reaction time (.033 to .059), but early tire shake forced Eman to abort the run and hand Bealko the win.

“Our week started out well, with displays for Alltel Wireless,” told Eman. “We were really looking forward to this event and excited to have Alltel representatives at the track with us. It is always a pleasure to see them enjoy being at the racetrack with us. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to give them the performance we expected.

“The track was very tricky this past weekend,” continued the Aruba native. “I know the Traction Twins did their best to give us a good racing surface, because you could see them work like dogs out on that hot track during all hours of the day and night, but unfortunately the racing surface did not cooperate with them, us, or many of the other competitors. All we can do is put Dragstock behind us and make sure we perform better in Houston, which will be the last race of the year.

“On a more positive note, Team Aruba would like to congratulate the ADRL for packing the house, both with countless amount of fans and a record number of participants. It’s always great to run in front of full stands. Despite being a sub-par weekend for us, I think the fans were able to enjoy a great weekend of racing.”

The final event of the ADRL season, the World Finals, will be held at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Tx. October 18-19.

“We’ll be looking to redeem ourselves at the World Finals,” Eman added. “We’ve had our strongest performance ever this 2013 season, so we’re counting Dragstock as just a small bump in the road and looking to finish the year strong. Hopefully after the World Finals, we’ll have another trophy to look at and inspire us during the off season!”

Article supplied by  Lisa Collier

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