Team Aruba Hopes to Continue Undefeated Record at Cordova International Raceway

By Tristan Ralston on 18th August, 2015

CORDOVA, Ill. May 28, 2015: Two years ago this month was the first time Team Aruba ventured to Cordova International Raceway (CIR). Driver Trevor Eman had just graduated from college and things were moving forward for the team who, at the time, was often considered one of the underdogs of Mountain Motor Pro Stock. That event at CIR would be a turning point, however, as Eman captured the pole and went on to win the race. From that moment on, Team Aruba has consistently been one of top runners in Mountain Motor Pro Stock.

Now, Team Aruba returns to CIR and is hoping to repeat their previous success. “It’s always great to return to a track that you’ve had success at in the past,” told Eman. “We have nothing but great memories here and want to keep it that way! This group of Pro Stock racers is tough, but we know our team has what it takes to win here again.”

Cordova International Raceway has undergone recent improvements to its facility, including new asphalt for the quarter-mile and new grandstands. “I know for a fact that there was not very much wrong with the track, as we were #1 qualifier in our league’s class and even took the win in 2013,” continued Eman. “However, the fact that they are performing this work shows that the race track is not shy to perform general maintenance and hopeful improvements. Whenever you perform such proactive investments in the infrastructure of a race track, it shows the company is making strides forward.

“It makes it very comfortable for us as Pro Stock racers to make investments in new race cars, new parts, new tools and new equipment to continue racing in the future, because moves like Cordova is doing, shows how they and the IHRA plan on being around for a long time. Hats off to the IHRA and Cordova International Raceway for these positive steps forward. We look forward to a fantastic racing surface, and hopefully we can maintain the reputation that Team Aruba has left behind in 2013.”

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