Storing Your Stem Cells: A Medical Revolution

By Tristan Ralston on 7th October, 2015

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Aging is an unavoidable fact of life, and the reality is you will not be young forever. On the bright side, modern day medicine has made it possible for you to be proactive with your health and plan for your future.

Through a cutting edge technique called cryopreservation, you can safely store your healthy stem cells, which act as your bodies’ “repairmen” and hold great promise as therapeutic agents in regenerative medicine. Unfortunately, as you age or get injured, you sometimes do not have enough cells to facilitate repair. By preserving their power now, you can utilize your stem cell “repair kit” in the future and enhance your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Your stem cells can help treat unforeseen orthopedic injuries and degenerative conditions, including joint arthritis, tendon and ligament tears, non-healing fractures, and more.

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How does cryopreservation work?

  1. You will have a bone marrow aspiration and blood draw by Regenexx Cayman’s U.S. board certified physicians.
  2. Highly-skilled cell biologists will culture your cells and grow them 100 – 1,000 times more than what was initially harvested.
  3. After being thoroughly tested for quality assurance, your stem cells will be safely stored (indefinitely) at Regenexx Cayman’s state-of-the-art laboratory.
  4. Your stem cells can be reactivated at any time and prepared for re-injection.

If you suffer from orthopedic injuries or conditions later in life, you have the opportunity to mobilize your stem cell repair kit when you need it most. Through a non-surgical procedure called Regenexx-C, your stem cells will be re-injected using advanced image guidance. This helps ensure precise placement of your cells to effectively begin the healing process.

“Storing your stem cells is a great way to get a little insurance against the fact that your cells, like the rest of you, are aging,” says Dr. Christopher Centeno, Regenexx Founder and Physician. “While aging is inevitable, you can preserve the power of your stem cells today and look forward to a healthier tomorrow. However, do not wait until it is too late – lock in the strength and vitality of your young, healthy stem cells now.”

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