By Cathy O'Gara on 19th September, 2013


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Governor John P. de Jongh, Jr.

“Savvy travellers are increasingly seeking cultural experiences on their trips and we in the Caribbean, with our glorious diversity of history, ecology and extraordinary people, are well placed to provide these experiences for our visitors.” – John P. de Jongh, Jr., Governor, United States Virgin Islands

“It is so much easier today and getting easier every day to share one’s impression of a destination, hotel or other travel experiences via social media. These ubiquitous digital impressions are so powerful that they have been described as permanently archived word of mouth.” – Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, Tourism Consultant

“We are very proud of the great feedback guests have always given us about our hotel. We have very loyal guests, so customer input is extremely valuable to us and we considered it every step of the way in how we took on this massive refresh.” – William Naughton, Founder, Comfort Suites Paradise Island

“We look forward to welcoming JetBlue and its award winning service to Trinidad and Tobago. JetBlue’ s service to Port of Spain from New York and Fort Lauderdale will offer a high quality experience for business and leisure travelers alike. This is in keeping with (the) government’s vision to grow the tourism sector.” – Chandresh Sharma, Minister of Tourism, Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean Journal)

“Over the course of the next 12 months, I look forward to your active engagement and

cooperation on the entire agenda of this Assembly. I call on each and every one of you to

join me in making this a productive and meaningful session, one in which we work in

solidarity and collegial respect, toward the vision of this organization as laid out in the

Charter and toward solutions to the problems that confront us all. Together we can make

this a watershed year in the history of this organization by building a new and meaningful

development agenda, which both protects our planet and creates equity, justice and

prosperity for people the whole world over.” – Ambassador John W. Ashe, President, 68th United Nations General Assembly

“Leadership knows when to step up and when to step down. This day I can say with pride that I’m prepared to step down and make room for the next person who will lead this organization to its next chapter.” – Benjamin Jealous, President/CEO, NAACP (USA Today)

“Let us blaze new trails. Let us prove to the world that good taste, good art and good writing can be good selling.” – William Bernbach, American advertising creative director

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