By Lindsey Turnbull on 30th June, 2014


Tom Mason, General Manager, Comfort Suites Grand Cayman

“The lionfish was introduced to Cayman Islands waters and have wreaked havoc on our local fish population – which has in turn damaged our coral reefs – so we jumped at the opportunity to do something about it with our partners at Ambassador Divers.” – Tom Mason, General Manager, Comfort Suites Grand Cayman

“Fortunately (lionfish) is quite a delicious species and we’ve shown the local restaurants how to appreciate its white, flaky flesh. Demand has outstripped our ability to supply – so, we need more tourists to help us fish. Without natural predators, the lionfish devoured local fish at an alarming rate – and compounded their damage by also killing fish which cleaned and maintained our vulnerable coral reefs causing serious harm to our coral reef systems.” – Jason Washington, Owner, Ambassador Divers, Cayman Islands

“(James “Jamesie” Brewster) introduced quelbe music to the world on frequent trips to Denmark and through his recording of a pair of albums with a Danish band. But it was here at home that he was best known as he led the bands, “Jamesie and the Happy Seven” and “The All Stars.” He made the fungi band, scratch band and quelbe music an integral component of our culture. I can vividly recall Jamesie’s lively stage performances over five decades of performing across the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean and beyond.” – John P. de Jongh, Jr., Governor, United States Virgin Islands

“AMResorts has enjoyed continued success and strong performance in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Curaçao over the last 13 years. Given our longtime presence within the region through our distribution subsidiaries, it made good business sense to expand our resort footprint in the English Caribbean.” – Alex Zozaya, CEO, Apple Leisure Group

“Grenada is doing well, especially from the U.S. market. We are about 8 percent ahead of our visitor arrivals year over year, and we are on a drive to position the island as the destination of choice in the region. The marketplace is competitive, which forces us to be innovative to stimulate business.” – Rudy Grant, CEO, Grenada Tourism Authority (Travel Weekly)

“The agony of defeat can be crushing – or it can be used to develop a laser-like focus that inspires performance at the highest level.” – Justin Bariso, Global business consultant

“Your words give legal authority for things to happen in your life.” – A. R. Bernard, Senior Pastor, Christian Cultural Center

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