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Now in its 27th year, Destination Bermuda, part of the Destination series published throughout the Caribbean, is widely considered to be the leading travel publication of its type within the territory.

The magazine provides readers with a concise guide to the island highlighting the best in shopping, dining out, water sports, real estate, and business. Over time, Destination Bermuda has evolved to become both a visitor’s guide and a fully fledged lifestyle magazine featuring local celebrities, the latest in local fashion trends, celebrity chefs with their signature dishes, and business personalities.

Why advertise with Destination Magazines?

  • Destination Bermuda is the ultimate travel guide for Bermuda, covering all of the best things to do, see and places to stay
  • The magazine is hand distributed to passengers as they board their direct American Airlines and United Airlines flights to Bermuda
  • Destination Bermuda is available in select American Airlines Admirals Club® lounges
Andrea Milam
Editor of Destination Bermuda

Andrea Milam has lived in the Caribbean since 2005. Enamoured with the region’s culture, food, music, people, and natural beauty, she moved to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands after graduating from college. There, she got married, built a home and a family, and established her writing and editing career. Experiencing the way her island community came together following a direct and devastating hit by Hurricane Irma only further fuelled her love for St. John and the Caribbean as a whole. Andrea's work has appeared in regional, national, and international magazines. She has been the editor of Destination Bermuda since 2016, and took on the role of editor for Destination U.S. Virgin Islands | British Virgin Islands in 2019. Andrea is a regular contributor to the Virgin Islands Daily News and Maco Caribbean Living magazine, and she's written for numerous travel websites.

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Prime Readership

Your advertisement will reach a captive audience of
passengers aged between 21 and 60 with an average age of 42, primarily in middle through upper socio-economic groups. Our magazines are made available to passengers of American Airlines and United Airlines® on flights from JFK, Miami, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Newark and London Gatwick. Our readership is made up of first time and returning visitors, seasonal residents and second home owners, families, professional business people and island residents all with substantial disposable income.


The success of the Destination series is due to the
personalised one-to-one hand distribution of the
magazines to passengers as they board their direct
American Airlines and United Airlines flights from JFK, Miami and Newark to Bermuda. Distribution will be done partially by hand or will be available on magazine racks for flights from Charlotte and Philadelphia.

Island Distribution

An additional 10,000 magazines will be distributed on island through visitor information centers, at selected hotel lobbies and in other high traffic areas.

Admirals® Club Lounge Distribution

For 2020-21, Destination Bermuda will be available
in selected American Airlines Admirals Club® lounges in Charlotte, JFK, Miami and Philadelphia. The membership profile of these clubs reveals well travelled, affluent, decision makers in the prime of their lives. Many are leaders of industry, including business owners, company CEOs, senior management and international celebrities. A recent survey showed that approximately 40% of members’ annual income exceeded $150,000 and 54% work in senior management for large companies with 500+ employees. Visibility for your business or product in these clubs represents an opportunity to reach an international, high income audience.

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