Looking to do something different on St. Thomas? Check out Magic Ice

By Cathy O'Gara on 12th October, 2015


Put on a warm poncho, gloves and leg warmers and step inside St. Thomas’ fabulous ice museum

Magic Ice has been WOWing island visitors and residents for over two years. This Caribbean-themed, Scandinavian-inspired gallery crafted entirely of ice, is the island’s #1 rated attraction on Trip Advisor.

This really ‘cool’ attraction isn’t as far-fetched for the tropics as it first may seem. Magic Ice is a wondrous world constructed from several tons of ice shipped here from above the Arctic Circle and other cold climes. The gallery is the work of world renowned ice carvers, sand sculptors and rock carvers – the same team who created the world’s first permanent ice gallery, Magic Ice in Lofoten, Norway. They  re-craft the St. Thomas gallery with new images several times every year. The end result is a fantastic 10,000-square-foot natural ice-blue world where visitors are awed by the dramatic lighting and can touch the real ice and snow art.

“The concept is known as ‘Art Below Zero’ because the surroundings are maintained at a constant temperature of 25 degrees Fahrenheit,” explains Kirsten Holmen, the mastermind of Magic Ice. “The dramatically lit sculptures feature life-size figures, sea creatures, furniture you can sit on, a frozen slide and a bar that looks like a shipwreck. All made from ice and accompanied by sound, music and images. A tour of the gallery takes from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how long you would like to view all the intricate details that are carved into the ice sculptures. It’s an especially attractive and exciting place for children to learn Caribbean history.”

girl on slide

Magic Ice is located on Charlotte Amalie’s Waterfront, just west of International Plaza. Visitors are provided with warm gear to withstand the Arctic chill and at the end of the tour there’s a complimentary drink at the ‘ice bar’.

“Magic Ice is the gateway to an adventure that’s fantastic and far removed from everyday life with a feeling of being beamed over to the Arctic Circle,” says Holmen. “So take a deep breath and immerse yourself in an ice and snow adventure. Come out of the heat and into “the hottest place to get cool!”

Magic Ice has been an instant hit among world-wide attractions and has been nominated for the prestigious Innovative Shorex of the Year Award. As Magic Ice continues to become an international sensation, make sure you take this opportunity to step out of the ordinary and do something extraordinary!

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