Liz Strauss performing at The Red Piano in St. Maarten

By Kerry Biddle on 3rd December, 2014

located at the Simpson Bay Resort & Marina

    Liz Strauss is performing at The Red Piano at the Simpson Bay Resort & Marina, Simpson Bay, St. Maarten through New Year’s Eve.
    Liz was born into a musical family in the West African country of Namibia and grew up in South Africa. She sees piano entertainment as an extension of family life and draws inspiration from everything with a melody.
    Liz specializes in a pop/rock repertoire. She has been a professional piano entertainer and vocalist since 1999, regularly performing on cruise ships and piano bars worldwide. She holds two university degrees, one in music and a masters in journalism.
    Catch her show Tuesday through Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. at The Red Piano.