5 minutes with…Claire McGee of Little Island Yoga

By Lindsey Turnbull on 30th January, 2017

Today we chat to Claire McGee, founder of Little Island Yoga, a new concierge yoga school on Little Cayman. Specializing in private and group yoga classes, Little Island Yoga hosts sessions at the island’s resorts, condominiums and in private homes.

Little Island Yoga

Claire McGee, founder of Little Island Yoga


What inspired you to start Little Island Yoga?

In February of 2015 I completed a yoga teacher training course in Mexico with the sole intention of deepening my personal practice. Upon returning to Little Cayman I was blown away by the level of curiosity there was surrounding my new qualification and the level of interest expressed by members of the community and tourists alike in learning about yoga. I love sharing my passion with others and so starting Little Island Yoga felt like a very natural development.

Little Island Yoga

Claire McGee, founder of Little Island Yoga


How long have you been practicing for and what drew you to yoga?

My first introduction to yoga was in 2002 when I went to Lanzarotte, Spain for a yoga retreat. At the time I was not in very good shape and was suffering from work related stress and exhaustion. I felt that I was in need of something more than just a break from my usual routine and had heard that yoga had many health benefits. I figured that a yoga vacation might help me to feel better and was amazed at how good I felt in just one week. Since then I have practiced yoga asana (the postures) for their physical benefits, but it was not until my teacher training that I began to embrace yoga as a complete life philosophy which teaches us how live a balanced life in harmony with nature and in accordance with the laws of the universe. From then on it has become a way of life.


Can individuals of all abilities benefit from yoga?

Absolutely! Yoga is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, religion, race, fitness level or body shape and size. The number one reason people give for not trying yoga is that they are not flexible enough, but that’s a bit like saying you can’t start swimming lessons because you don’t know how to swim! Yoga focuses on raising our awareness and in helping us to establish a more intimate relationship with ourselves. It teaches us to be present and to embrace each moment exactly as it is without judgement or expectation. It teaches us to accept who we are, exactly as we are. It is not about being the best, but about doing our best. Increased flexibility along with the numerous other physical, mental and energetic benefits are just pleasant side effects of a traditional practice.

Little Island Yoga

Claire McGee, founder of Little Island Yoga


What makes yoga a great vacation activity?

Most people go on vacation to relax, improve wellbeing, build or strengthen relationships, try new things or to reconnect with nature. Yoga can be a wonderful tool in enhancing the experience of any or all of the above. It frees us from many of the stresses of daily life while promoting positive thinking, inner peace and radiant health. it is a great way to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit.

When not practicing yoga, what is your favorite thing to see or do on Little Cayman?

I also work for Conch Club Divers as a SCUBA instructor and love what I do. Breathing deeply while relaxed and at peace naturally absorbs you in the moment and so there are a lot of parallels between diving and meditation. When diving I feel a deep connection and oneness with the underwater world. It evokes a childlike sense of wonder and I find the magnitude of the topography of the Bloody Bay Wall to be very humbling. I also really love the skies here, day and night. They are incredible! So vast and everchanging. They serve as a great reminder of how nothing stays the same and that we are part of something so big and so beautiful.


Little Island Yoga pricing & information details:

Scheduled classes $20 | one-to-one private sessions from $75 | group private sessions from $100

For more information follow the Little Island Yoga Facebook page or contact Claire McGee directly at: littleislandyoga@gmail.com | (345) 922 7326