De Palm Tours Jeep adventure around Aruba

By Tristan Ralston on 16th April, 2013

Whilst on vacation on Aruba I had to get up very early one day, but it was well worth it!  At 8am, a Land Rover jeep from De Palm Tours arrived outside my hotel to pick me up.  I got on and saw that there were eight other people on board and was relieved to know  that I was not the only one to have an early start!  Twenty minutes later, we arrived at De Palm Tours HQ, where we were met by the head travel guide named ‘James’ and were asked to take our seats in the presentation room/hall with many others, ready to take on the jeep tour.  After the tour briefing and safety regulations, we were given scuba shoes for the natural pool.   We were then placed in groups dictated by the hotel we were staying at and told who our driver was.  Ours was ‘Fabio,’ who was not only knowledgable but great fun too. Once on board, we made our way.  The first hotspot we came across was the ‘California Lighthouse’.  The vast majority of this tour is off road and you see a lot of Aruba, that you may not be aware of if you just came for the beach.  For this trip, It is advised to take sunblock, sunglasses, headwear that can and  should be attached, as it can be easily blown off, swimwear, towels and a camera, again that can be attached.  If you enjoy having a bumpy and exciting ride, then this tour is ideal for you.  But it also shows you the cultural and historic side of Aruba, which are explained in detail in english and spanish by James.  We visited the Alta Vista Chapel which was built in 1952 on the actual site of the first and original catholic church built on Aruba in 1750.  There, we made our first stop.  The drivers all had drinks and snacks available to everyone, which was very much appreciated in the sunny weather.  We also visited the Gold Mill Ruins, which were built in the nineteenth century, during Aruba’s gold rush!  None of these places are on flat roads and thankfully we were on Land Rovers, which ate up anything in front of them and allowed us to enjoy the ride.  We also visited the ‘Natural Bridge’ which is amazing to see.  You can certainly understand why people come to visit but it is advised to be very cautious when getting close to it.  Here was another opportunity to refuel with soft drinks and water and an opportunity to visit the restroom.  After that, our next stop was the ‘Natural Pool’ where we had to go through Aruba’s National park.  The ride was very exciting, as we climbed over off road hills and down steep rocky roads.  Fabio and the other drivers handled the roads and obstacles effortlessly and despite being thrilled you are certainly very assured that you are in very safe hands.  Once we had arrived at the meeting spot for the Natural Pool, everybody got off and made their way down the path towards the Natural Pool, which is on a deserted beach shore.  There, everybody took advantage of the tranquil pool and took a dip to view some of the beautiful surrounding sea life.  After spending close to thirty minutes, enjoying the beautiful Natural Pool, everybody started making their way back up the path to the jeeps.  This was our final  stop before being driven back to our hotels.  I have to say that I really enjoyed this trip and would advise anyone visiting Aruba, to take on the jeep adventure to the Natural Pool.  It is for everybody and  you will see some of the most beautiful parts of Aruba, that you wouldn’t have known about, if you don’t take the tour!  For more information click on