Introducing The Traveling Island Girl, one of our resident St Maarten bloggers

By Tristan Ralston on 21st September, 2015


©The Traveling Island Girl

Meet Riselle, aka The Traveling Island Girl, who will be sharing her latest adventures on the beautiful island of St.Maarten with us. This week we chat to The Traveling Island Girl about the best things to do on St. Maarten.

Q1. What is your favorite thing about St Maarten?

The diversity of this island is what pulls me to it. I just love that I can find Dutch as well as American products in the supermarkets and then have a complete French dining experience over on the French side. The diversity is not only in the food available but also in the people. The population here is a nice mix of different nationalities. And with so much to do it’s easy to forget that you’re living on a 37 square mile island.

Q2. Where is best for dinner, drinks and dancing?

Tough one. I love to eat and I have several favorite restaurants but I’ll go with my current favorite which is Le Cottage. I don’t do dancing much anymore but I do like Le Shore for that. It’s a great place to hang, dance and let your hair down. You can find me almost every Friday at Holland House for happy hour and Bamboo Bernies for specialty cocktails.

Q3. What is your perfect lazy Sunday?

It depends on my mood and how tough the week has been but I love turning on the AC at home and watch tv all day in the company of my husband, 6 dogs and 3 cats. Other times LOVE beach is the ideal place to be. The beach is perfect, the tables and chairs in the water make a nice touch and the drinks are delicious. Can’t go wrong.

Q4. What is your favorite shopping spot?

I have recently gone though a bit of a change when it comes to fashion and prefer a more bohemian look. For this I head to my favorite stores located in the Mall of the West Indies.

Q5. What is the one thing all visitors should do on St Maarten?

Seeing the planes land on Maho beach would be the obvious answer but I prefer to tell everyone to hire private driver to take them around. Get someone who knows the island well. Do this on the first or second day so that you can see all there is before you start planning your days on the island.

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