Five Tips On Taking Great Vacation Photos

By Kerry Biddle on 23rd June, 2016

Five Tips On Taking Great Vacation Photos

Look for a focal point

When taking a landscape or beach shot that might otherwise look empty or boring, look for something that will draw the eye. Perhaps a set of footprints in the sand, a twisted piece of driftwood, a gnarled tree stunted from wind and sea, a splash of bright color from a spray of flowers, waves crashing over a rock, or anything else that will add interest to an otherwise empty photo.

Time of day

For warm tones, take portrait shots of the family when the sun is going down and have the sun behind or slightly to the side of you to take the shot. It gives a lovely golden tone to the whole photo. Make sure the subject isn’t looking directly into the sun otherwise they will have to squint. Rather move to a slightly different angle.

Keep it straight

A common mistake when taking a photo of a long expanse of horizon is to forget to check that it is straight. Often a great photo is spoilt by a slanting horizon. Another tip on horizons, put them in either the top third or bottom third of the frame rather than the exact center otherwise the photo looks like it is chopped in half.

Bright sunlight

Photos at the beach are often taken in bright sunlight, which can cause deep shadows on the face from hats, sunglasses, noses, or hair. Set the camera with a fill in flash and the unwanted shadows will disappear.

Look before you shoot

Look at the whole frame before taking the photo. Make sure there are no trees or umbrellas coming out of the top of people’s heads and make sure that their feet haven’t been chopped off at the bottom when taking a full length photo. Also check the background and either move undesirable objects or change the angle to cut them out of the photo.