Cayman Brac boutique resort Le Soleil d’Or

By Lindsey Turnbull on 11th December, 2017

Le Soleil d’Or, located on Cayman Brac is a wellness retreat like no other. It’s impressive, holistic, all-encompassing approach to ensuring your well-being is a rare thing and something that really needs to be experienced to be believed.

The Cayman Islands’ World Class Resorts: Le Soleil d’Or

Set in a 20 acres farm with its own orchards, Le Soleil d’Or comprises a boutique hotel with four suites: The Superior, Master, Premium and Standard suites, and four separate private accommodations, including their Beach Cottage, Beach House, Beach Studio and Farm Lodge. The Beach Cottage is the perfect honeymoon location – peaceful, secluded, with its own private pool and beach. The Beach House is a two storey property that can sleep up to eight, so it’s ideal for a larger family or friends and comes with its own pool, BBQ grill and its own stretch of beach. The Beach Studio is suited to single guests or couples and is cosy and intimate, with its own private balcony. The Farm Lodge is located atop the limestone Bluff that gives Cayman Brac its name (Brac is Gaelic for Bluff) and therefore features awe-inspiring views of the ocean as well as a really relaxed and rustic ambiance.

The Cayman Islands’ World Class Resorts: Le Soleil d’Or

To stay at Le Soleil d’Or is to properly ‘get away from it all’. Enjoy their relaxing pool loungers under tikka huts overlooking the pristine white sands and ocean beyond, take advantage of their full sized swimming pool, bar and Mango restaurant, which embraces farm-to-table and sea-to-table dining at its finest. In fact, there are 300 fruits and vegetables grown on their farm and as at the time of writing their farmers were harvesting around 200 fresh eggs every day. Papaya, mango and olive trees dot their orchards, among many other varieties, and everything is grown organically with a focus on sustainable farming practices. Guests can even pick their own produce and then attend a cookery class to have fun making a dish from the produce that they have picked. Guests can also reserve a private chef for their visit, perhaps to cook a special meal or for the duration of their stay.

The Cayman Islands’ World Class Resorts: Le Soleil d’Or

To ensure that nothing goes to waste, the property makes some incredible goodies for purchase at their farm store, such as jams, jellies, juices, hot sauces, baked goods and there is even a gelato ice cream shop, selling home-made gelato, all made right on the property. Their spa also uses products made from some of the produce grown on property – so you can be pampered with home-grown goodness!

What’s more, Le Soleil d’Or is the complete wellness retreat and has a range of sporting activities to try out from stand up paddle boarding, to snorkelling and kayaking, as well as an impressive fitness gym.

The Cayman Islands’ World Class Resorts: Le Soleil d’Or

If you’re looking for a luxury wellness retreat to beat away the winter blues and nourish your body and mind, then Le Soleil d’Or is definitely the place to book!

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Le Soleil d’Or Cayman Brac


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