BOOST’s business: Imagine if you could go kiting and solve your toughest marketing problem

By Ollie on 5th October, 2014

Toughest business problems solved at BOOST
BOOST's business kitesurfing turks and Caicos

The business behind BOOST

Hope you’re getting out on the water and enjoying some killer sessions!

We received great feedback from our first message about BOOST, the new, small group event we’re launching on February 27th, 2015. Several people asked me questions about the nature of BOOST’s business program and what to expect. I’m happy to answer these questions. If there are any others please let me know by replying to this message.

BOOST’s business value
BOOST aims to be a digital marketing solutions incubator for your business. Our partner, Proper Propaganda and the event speakers have wide swath of experience and are going to help you overcome your biggest challenges. The process by which this is done sets BOOST apart!

Here’s how it works: The moment you register, our marketing agency partner, Proper Propaganda and several of our events speakers start learning about your business’ most pressing digital marketing concerns. This process continues for several months – right up to the event in February. On event, you get personalized attention from our speakers and leave with actions to move on when you go back to work. So, while this is an event, there is a longer term context to it because you get agency help over several months in the lead up to the event. Your business is going to be very grateful.

In other words, the expense of BOOST is best compared with money you’d pay to get a marketing audit or action plan built by an agency. But BOOST comes at a fraction of the cost that you’d normally pay for these services AND you get leading experts on the case for your business and get to rip across the beautiful turquoise waters of the Turks and Caicos!

What to expect

Expect your business and your kiting to move to higher levels after BOOST. Those intractable problems you’ve encountered with your digital marketing – you’ll get fresh outlook, expert perspective and new ways to optimize what you’re doing. Kiting wise my staff and I will be around to coach you on whatever you want to learn about – from waterstarts to advanced tricks.

I’ll be honest, we also aim to wow you. Pretty lofty goal, but I’m being perfectly serious. By ‘wow you’ I mean taking you to spots that few people have kited at or know about. It also means getting you on the water with CORE pro riders to be inspired and amazed by their skill. Finally, the wow factor comes via an experience we’ve designed to be super high end and that takes account of everything we know about this incredible sport. That means making sure you eat right, sleep in luxury, enjoy post session massages, and get to try out the best new gear on the market.

Expect the best at BOOST.

Reserve your spot now – as there are only a few left and we expect they will be gone very soon

-Mike and The KiteProvo Team

BOOST's business kitesurfing turks and Caicos
Join Mike and The KiteProvo Team on a downwinder across the flats!
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