An evening at BLT Steak, The Ritz-Carlton Aruba

By Enrique Balestrini on 3rd December, 2019

If you are planning a getaway to Aruba and are looking for restaurant recommendations, BLT Steak at The Ritz-Carlton Aruba should be at the top of your list. Our on-island Online Contributor, Enrique Balestrini was invited to sample the Chef’s Classics menu.

BLT Steak, The Ritz-Carlton Aruba | Destination Magazines

Dining out is even more exciting when trying a restaurant for the first time… It was an occasion for me to visit BLT Steak at The Ritz-Carlton Aruba to taste the Chef’s Classics menu for two, their latest promotion…

The Ritz-Carlton Aruba

That night I arrived earlier to sit by the bar and have one of their famous cocktails. Well known mixologist, Legino Stomp suggested I try the “Mandarin Martini”, a delicious citrus mix, strong enough to kill a horse; and the Arashi Punch, great on flavor and beautifully presented with a bright pink flower. We enjoyed a chat by the bar to get in the mood and open our appetite…

We headed to our table and had the kindest server, Sabrina Carrillo… She walked us through the menu and explained the concept. The menu was curated to have a taste of the quintessential BLT Steak dishes.

Chef Luis Duarte, a very cool gentleman greeted us and suggest his favorites, as well.  He even sent out some special treats to celebrate our first time at BLT Steak. He ensured we had the fullest experience, and oh yes, we did! We first welcomed the BLT’s signature Popovers.

This rustic looking bread is made with gruyere cheese. I know, who doesn’t love bread? But this is something else.

I could dine here just to eat this bread with a glass of wine. Fun fact: the popovers come with the recipe! I wonder if anyone has ever tried to make it at home.

The Ritz-Carlton Aruba

The tuna tartare was brought to our table and the presentation is simply amazing. The soy lime sauce was a unique touch for this chilled tuna served on top of an ice bed.

The Ritz-Carlton Aruba

Then a massive crab cake made its way to our table! It was very tasty with great presentation. These folks at BLT really present everything so nice.

BLT Steak, The Ritz-Carlton Aruba | Destination Magazines

The Caesar Salad, part of the Chef’s Classics menu, is a classic caesar a la BLT. Dressing lightly added and on top of parmesan bread, a cool and tasty touch.

BLT Steak, The Ritz-Carlton Aruba | Destination Magazines

Beets Salad, my favorite of the night, cooked to perfection, mixed with chunks of Gorgonzola and walnuts. It was gone in a second. We all raved about it.

The Ritz-Carlton Aruba

Chef’s Classics menu gave us three options for the main course, a 5 OZ Filet Mignon with shrimp, the Hanger Steak “Hunter Style” and Salt Brick Chicken. By recommendation of Chef Duarte we picked the filet and the Hanger… A glass of Cabernet was poured immediately.

BLT Steak, The Ritz-Carlton Aruba | Destination Magazines

The Filet Mignon is your classic Steakhouse dish, prime USDA Angus beef cooked to your liking, served with grilled shrimp and their famous Maitre D’ butter; mixed with thyme, shallots, and garlic. A classic dish made special.

The Ritz-Carlton Aruba

The Hanger Steak was a really saucy dish! Homemade “Hunter Style” sauce made with diced tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms and scallions. It was a generous portion that could satisfy even the biggest appetite.

BLT Steak, The Ritz-Carlton Aruba | Destination Magazines

BLT Steak also serves unique fries. Sabrina told us that they import these to Aruba from a special source so you really get to have a unique taste and experience! Woah!

BLT Steak, The Ritz-Carlton Aruba | Destination Magazines

The clock struck dessert time and the Chef’s Classics menu offers a very unique shareable dessert: DONUTS! Who doesn’t love donuts?

Plus, it’s the only place in Aruba I’ve found donuts on the menu. And they were incredible, served with melted chocolate and coffee ice cream.

BLT Steak, The Ritz-Carlton Aruba | Destination Magazines

We were almost in a food coma, but BLT’s Aruban pastry chef, Andrea Croeze, did not want us to leave without having her most famed creation, CRÊPE SOUFFLÉ; and honestly, I am glad she did. This fluffy beauty may be overwhelming at first glance, but it is so lightweight and delicious. It might be the best dessert I’ve had in my life. We couldn’t stop giving her our compliments! It is a soufflé folded as a crêpe and served with passion fruit sauce, a gem!

BLT Steak, The Ritz-Carlton Aruba | Destination Magazines

And BLT Steak has the nicest touches. They even send every table this “thank you” made of chocolate with some brownie bites.

BLT Steak, The Ritz-Carlton Aruba | Destination Magazines

After this feast, I won’t have enough words of encouragement to give you to come and try BLT Steak at The Ritz-Carlton Aruba. Indulge yourself on, what was for us, an unforgettable dining experience. 

Make sure to like The Ritz-Carlton facebook page and stay pending for more special events and offers at BLT Steak. 

Special thanks to:

Wiebe de Roos – BLT Steak Restaurant Manager

Legino and Greg at BLT Steak Bar.

Chefs: Luis Duarte and Andrea Croeze

Sabrina Carrillo at BLT Steak.

Yahira Santoni and Julika Thijsen at The Ritz-Carlton Aruba.

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