Best Places on Cayman for Wedding Receptions

By Lindsey Turnbull on 17th February, 2015

For that very special day you really need all the elements to be spot on, and a good selection of Cayman’s top notch restaurants pull out all the stops to ensure your wedding reception is a magical event.

The Wharf, situated at the start of Seven Mile Beach, offers a stunning location with its own beach and a gently lapping ocean that make a gorgeous backdrop to any big day, along with a cuisine that keeps diners coming back for more. The staff’s attention to detail means your special day will be unforgettable.

Grand Old House is located on South Church Street, again, right on the ocean. This magnificent building is one of the oldest in Cayman and offers a stylish, romantic and memorable location for weddings. Chef Thushara and his team create stylishly designed cuisine to match, packed with flavour.

Kaibo Beach is probably one of the most romantic locations in Grand Cayman, offering your archetypal Caribbean wedding destination, complete with ocean, palm trees and soft sandy beach. Imagine a romantic reception right next to the ocean under the stars at the Kaibo Beach Bar – what could be lovelier? Or, for more formal dining, head to their ‘Upstairs’ signature restaurant that incorporates the very best Caribbean ingredients using modern European techniques. Either way it’s a wedding winner.

Article written by Lindsey Turnbull