Best beaches in the British Virgin Islands

By Banita Sadhra on 14th April, 2023

The British Virgin Islands are known to have the best pristine beaches, majestic tropical water, and soft white sand. Get ready to enter a peaceful wonderland of relaxation and paradise. Discover our top 5 British Virgin Islands best beaches and start planning your Caribbean vacation now.

best beaches british Virgin Islands

White Bay Beach

White Bay Beach is located on the British Virgin Islands Jost Van Dyke and holds views of the tall green hills and sparkling blue waters. With numerous bars and restaurants along the beach, sip on a cocktail and enjoy a burger whilst watching the waves. You can’t make a trip to White Bay Beach without visiting Soggy Dollar Bar, home of the Painkiller Cocktail. 

White Bay Beach

White Bay Beach was voted one of “The Best Beaches for 2019” by Forbes Magazine. The sand is known for having the softest sand in the world due to the fish eating the coral on the island.  Grab your snorkeling gear and flippers, as White Bay Beach is the perfect location to experience BVI’s amazing underwater world. Expect to see crabs, yellow-striped angelfish, and myriad blue tangs.

The Baths Beach

Encompassing the rocky shoreline at the southwestern tip of Virgin Gorda, The Baths is a popular sightseeing spot in the British Virgin Islands. Volcanic eruptions pushed the massive rocks to the surface, creating a lovely scene and serene pools. The Baths Beach is located in the heart of Devil’s Bay National Park and there are private swimming areas covered by large granite boulders which are over 70 million years old. The huge boulders hide away rock and wading pools which is truly a geological wonder. 

The Baths Beach

The turquoise waters are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Take a visit to The Baths caves too and see the different formations of boulders around you! Make sure to try the wings at Mad Dogs after exploring the hidden beach and caves. To enter The Baths, it is $3 for adults, $2 for youngsters, and free for kids under 10.

Cane Garden Bay Beach

Cane Garden Bay Beach is a famous beach northwest of Tortola Island and is known as the Jewel of the British Virgin Islands. The beach is a horseshoe-shaped coastline holding dazzling white sands and coconut trees. Cane Garden Bay boasts a backdrop of nearby hills and trees.  Get relaxing on the beach, as two sunbeds and an umbrella cost $20 for you to hire out for the whole day! If you’re wanting a drink on the sunbed, the beach staff from Myett’s Beach Bar will make sure you’re catered for on your beach day here. 

With the wide range of restaurants and bars along the beach, sip on a rum punch cocktail and enjoy the sounds of the waves. The clear calm water is perfect for fun water activities like jet skiing and scuba diving and is one of the more family-friendly beaches on the island.

Savannah Bay

Savannah Bay Beach is approximately 3,000 feet of a powdery white coastline and surrounding blue waters of pure beauty. If you fancy a bit of privacy, Savannah Beach is the perfect place. You can sit back and sunbathe whilst enjoying the peaceful sounds of splashing waves or even meditate with the quietness around you. 

Make sure to pack a beach picnic, as there are no beach restaurants and bars close by. You may even find some wooden beach umbrellas and chairs to sit on and enjoy your alfresco lunch. A perfect beach to enjoy calm and quietness.

Loblolly Bay Beach

Ranked one of the best beaches in the British Virgin Islands, the beach has miles of white soft sand with dotted umbrellas and chairs around. Take in the views of the beautiful blue sea and enjoy the natural beauty of this stretch of sand.  Loblolly Beach has many hammocks and sun loungers for you to relax whilst watching the pristine water. 

Loblolly Bay Beach

Don’t forget to visit the local bars and restaurants. Grab a bite to eat the Flash of Beauty for a chilled cocktail or visit Big Bamboo for a fresh plate of lobster. To get to the beach, you will need to take a ferry or a taxi, but it is worth the visit.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to the most beautiful beaches in British Virgin Islands! With a wide range of sporting activities, the beautiful British Virgin Islands ocean and and delicious food, there’s something for everyone. Why not visit all 5 beaches and let us know how you found them? The British Virgin Islands is extremely beautiful and we hope we have captured the beauty of each beach for you.

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