Aruba Airport Excited to Partner with Team Aruba Racing

By Tristan Ralston on 6th February, 2016

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (February 5, 2016): Few drag racing teams truly fit the description of international racers. Only select number of teams compete professionally on an international level, and of those that do, few follow an entire circuit, competing for World Championships. The fact that the Pro Stock team from Aruba has done so for 13 years puts Team Aruba Drag Racing in a league all their own. Once more, Team Aruba is stepping up their game, this time by partnering with Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (

Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) is the sole international airport for the ‘One Happy Island’ and is, therefore the first impression international travelers and vacationers receive of Aruba. The airport has often been commended for their welcoming efforts, winning the Highly Commended for Excellence in Airport Marketing Award in February of 2015 and then in December it received an additional award for modeling airport safety promotion throughout the world.

“We are entering our 14th season of racing in the U.S. and we cannot be more proud to be representing both our country and our country’s airport in our racing efforts,” stated Team Aruba driver, Trevor Eman. “This is a huge milestone for us, because it is another big step in being able to promote solely Aruba in our racing efforts. Not only can we promote the destination, but we can now also better promote the ways of arriving and departing from our destination. This combination makes our racing organization an even bigger and better demonstration of the ‘international’ element within our racing series, the International Hot Rod Association.

“We cannot be more thankful to the entire team at Aruba Airport, consisting of Mr. James Fazio, CEO of AAA, Mrs. Barbara Brown, CCO at AAA and Mr. Hendrik Croes, spokesman for AAA and all the staff and personnel for their confidence and support in Team Aruba,” continued Eman.

“The fact that we have created a closer relationship with the airport makes it even more special. It is at the airport where we receive our first and last cheers for the weekend’s efforts. We travel so often that we always see the same faces at the ticket counter, the immigration counter, the security line, the departure halls, the food court, the arrival hall, you-name-it. All over the airport we have become familiar faces after 14 years of racing and that is where we get the biggest and final wave of well wishes before we take off to the States to attend our races. As soon as we land back in Aruba, we are given a pat on the back for our efforts abroad. All this is great motivation for our racing and promotion efforts in the U.S. We have greater confidence in promoting our island paradise home to U.S. vacationers and other international travelers knowing that their first impression of Aruba will be a good one at Queen Beatrix International Airport. Team Aruba is honored to have such a proactive partner with us on board for the 2016 racing season.”

Aruba Airport is quite excited about this new partnership as it will be beneficial for Team Aruba, the airport and the destination: “This partnership seems like a perfect match for us. We’re always looking for new ways to promote ourselves and our destination. Team Aruba is a key partner in promoting the destination Aruba at these races amongst the thousands of drag racing fans that visit and follow these races worldwide,” said AAA CEO Mr. James Fazio.