A Guide to Saba: The Caribbean’s Best-Kept Secret

By Kerry Biddle on 3rd July, 2020

Saba is that rare tropical island that gently embraces one with its tranquillity and authentic Caribbean enchantment. Located just 28 miles southwest of St. Maarten, the gumdrop shaped island offers amazing hiking and diving excursions.

Saba Island Caribbean
Saba, also known as the Jewel of the Caribbean | Photo credit: Cees Timmers

The scenery is pure, unfettered beauty. From the soaring verdant rainforest peaks sprinkled with charming red-roofed cottages and quaint villages, to magnificent underwater vistas filled with jewel-colored fish and awe-inspiring formations. Diving is one of Saba’s main attractions and divers from all over the world travel to experience rich in life waters. The fumaroles that rise up from the seabed spew out hot, nutrient water that keeps the sea life well-fed and healthy with a great diversity of species.

Saba Island near St Maarten
The typical red roofs at The Bottom | Photo credit: Kai Wulf

Within a mere five square miles of undulating valleys and cloud-topped peaks, Saba is immersed in deep historical roots and off the grid remoteness, yet stays quite connected to the necessities of modern life. The Saban citizenry, many of whom are descended from the original 17th-century settlers, are charming and welcoming. This peaceful, lyrical place replenishes the soul and inspires all who visit here either for a day or forever.

Diving off the coast of Saba
The diving off the coast of Saba is spectacular | Photo credit: Trent Reid

Although small in size, Saba delivers a unique world-class respite from life’s hectic pace. Precious few places on earth provide such a rich history, inspiring architectural and natural beauty enriched by a warm and welcoming hospitality, laid-back atmosphere, and authentic gentleness. Saba is a place that never leaves your heart.

Perhaps the best souvenir from Saba is the deep connection visitors often develop with the island, its people and the serene, relaxed flow of daily life. This is a very special place that beckons visitors to return and settle into an unsurpassed tropical paradise.

Saba Caribbean Island
Clouds color the sea at Well’s Bay | Photo credit: Kai Wulf

How to get to Saba from St. Maarten?

There are daily flights out of Princess Juliana International Airport to Saba airport, or you can take The Edge ferry from Simpson Bay which is a 90-minute boat ride.

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