8 Family-friendly hotels in Anguilla

By Banita Sadhra on 18th September, 2023

Planning a memorable family vacation to the Caribbean? Look no further than the stunning shores of Anguilla. With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and welcoming atmosphere, Anguilla offers the perfect backdrop for a family getaway. And when it comes to accommodation, the island doesn’t disappoint. Here are some top picks for 8 family-friendly hotels and resorts in Anguilla:

anguilla beach near family friendly hotels

Zemi Beach House

Dreaming of a family vacation that blends luxury, relaxation, and adventure? Look no further than Zemi Beach House. The family-friendly hotel offers a range of exquisite accommodations that cater to families of all sizes. From spacious suites to private villas, you’ll find the perfect setting to unwind and reconnect. Enjoy stunning ocean views, elegant furnishings, and modern amenities that ensure your comfort throughout your stay. With a large family pool overlooking the ocean and even a private adult pool, everyone will enjoy a dup in the pool here.

Traveling with young kids? Zemi Beach House has you covered. The Little Pipers kids’ club is designed to keep your little ones entertained with a variety of fun and educational activities. From face painting and movie nights to football, your kids will have a blast while making new friends in a safe and supervised environment.

Zemi Beach House family friendly hotel in anguilla

The pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters of Shoal Bay East are right at your doorstep. Spend quality time with your family building sandcastles, snorkeling among colorful marine life, or simply lounging under the Caribbean sun. The calm and gentle waters are perfect for kids to splash around and play. What’s more, there are loads of water sports going on from kayaking to snorkeling, everyone can enjoy the Caribbean Sea together.

Indulge in a culinary journey at Zemi Beach House’s restaurants. From casual beachfront dining to fine dining experiences, there’s something for every palate. Even the pickiest eaters in the family will find something delicious to enjoy. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor fresh seafood and local Caribbean flavors.

Malliouhana, Meads Bay

Malliouhana has the perfect location sitting right on the white sandy beaches, letting you enjoy the views of the Caribbean waves throughout your stay. The modern suites are perfect for families visiting with a private covered patio, a relaxing private terrace, and a separate living room – offering plenty of space for the whole family.

The heart of any family vacation is undoubtedly the activities you’ll experience together. Anguilla’s beaches are legendary, and Malliouhana has direct access to some of the best. Spend your days playing on the beach, or relaxing under the shade of palm trees. For the more adventurous, water sports such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and sailing are readily available.

Malliouhana  family hotel in anguilla

This luxury hotel in Anguilla also offers a kid’s program called Mini Explorers, where kids from 5-12 years can get involved in loads of fun activities. There’s fun for adults too! The resort offers an evening activity where you can experience a see-through paddle board at night!

For parents seeking some relaxation, the resort’s spa is a haven of tranquility. Treat yourselves to rejuvenating massages, facials, and body treatments, all designed to melt away any remaining stress. 

A highlight of your family vacation would be indulging in the island’s delectable cuisine. Malliouhana boasts top-notch restaurants offering a fusion of Caribbean and international flavors. Imagine dining by candlelight on the beach, with the sea breeze carrying the aroma of freshly prepared seafood and local spices. And don’t miss the opportunity to savor some of the world’s finest rum cocktails while watching the sun dip below the horizon.

Carimar Beach Club

Located on Meads Bay Beach, this beautiful resort offers majestic views of the turquoise water and soft sand on Anguilla Beach. At this Anguilla kid-friendly resort expect spacious rooms for your family, with a large kitchen, patio, and en-suite king-size bedrooms. On the beach, there is a wide range of fun activities for everyone to get involved in from kayaking to paddle boarding. Adults can also enjoy the sunset yoga classes available on-site.

Carimar Beach Club Anguilla

The luxury resort doesn’t have any restaurants on-site, however, there are many local restaurants available on the beach where the whole family can enjoy a delicious meal. Make sure to try Leon’s Beach Bar and Grill or even Blanchard’s Beach Shack! There is also a nearby supermarket, so if you fancy whipping up dinner you are able to do so in your fully equipped kitchen. This family-friendly hotel in Anguilla is the perfect retreat for those traveling with children.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla

Four Seasons Resort and Residences is one of the best kid-friendly hotels in Anguilla with multi-bedroom villas, private pools, and spacious rooms. This Anguilla resort offers many options for families to have fun, with a Kids For All Seasons program, kids can enjoy a range of supervised activities and water sports whilst the adults relax on one of Anguilla’s pristine beaches. While the little ones are entertained, parents can unwind at the resort’s spa, where a range of wellness treatments and therapies await. Indulge in a couples’ massage or a rejuvenating facial, all performed by skilled therapists who understand the importance of relaxation. The spa’s serene ambiance and breathtaking views of the ocean create an oasis of tranquility.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla

With four on-site restaurants offering delicious and fresh dishes, everyone will be able to satisfy their taste buds when in Anguilla. One of the highlights of a family vacation at the Four Seasons Anguilla is the wealth of outdoor activities available. The resort offers a plethora of water sports, from kayaking and paddleboarding to snorkeling and diving. Explore the vibrant underwater world of Anguilla’s coral reefs or embark on a guided fishing excursion to catch some of the Caribbean’s most sought-after species. Everyone will enjoy the endless activities this Anguilla resort has to offer!

Frangipani Beach Resort

Frangipani Beach Resort is a kid-friendly resort offering 19 rooms and suites. Perfect for families with young children, the luxurious suites offer bedrooms adjoined through a foyer, along with en-suites, a balcony, and a full kitchen. Frangipani Beach is a great Anguilla resort for families, as on the beachfront there are many complimentary activities the whole family can get involved in. From paddle boarding, tubing, and wakeboarding, the kids will be very busy having fun here. Make sure to take a dive in the on-site plunge pool! 

Frangipani Beach Resort

Whilst the kids are off having fun, the adults can relax in the on-site Plumeria Balinese Spa and receive a relaxing body massage or beauty treatment. Tennis lovers can enjoy the hotel’s tennis court and if you fancy perfecting your swing, the concierge team can arrange a lesson with a tennis pro. This family-friendly resort in Anguilla also offers cuisines from the award-winning Straw Hat restaurant, where all dishes are made with fresh local ingredients with a Caribbean twist. 

Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa

The Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa stands as a luxurious haven where opulence meets natural beauty. This resort offers elegant accommodations with spectacular views of clear, coral-filled waters and a relaxing beach. There are many dining options for guests to enjoy, savor the fresh seafood or indulge in gourmet creations. 

Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa in anguilla

Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa offers an array of family-friendly activities. For those seeking a chance to truly relax, the spa is a sanctuary of tranquility, offering an array of indulgent treatments that nourish the body and soul. The resort is also home to the award-winning golf course by Greg Norman, where all golfers can enjoy the beautiful views of the Caribbean islands. A family vacation to Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa is sure to be memorable.

Céblue Villas & Beach Resort

Céblue Villas & Beach Resort presents an enchanting escape that seamlessly blends luxury with island charm. This Anguilla resort offers stunning private villas, luxurious bathrooms, and a spacious environment that has been elegantly designed to offer the utmost comfort. With a private infinity pool offering epic sea views, the whole family will be able to relax on this tranquil island. 

Céblue Villas & Beach Resort in anguilla for families

This Anguilla resort offers direct beach access, where the white sand beach and lounge chairs are available for you to relax. The resort’s restaurants offer dishes crafted from the freshest ingredients to make your taste buds go wild.  Céblue Villas & Beach Resort is a sanctuary of relaxation, a playground of family fun, and a chance for everyone to create unforgettable memories.

Anguilla Great House Beach Resort

During the building of Anguilla Great House Beach Resort over 25 years ago, many ancient artifacts were found, proving that this was a major Arawak settlement. The Arawaks were an Amerindian tribe who were skilled craftsmen and left behind a great number of fine examples of pottery and figurines. Rendezvous Bay was also where the French landed in 1796 with the intention of invading the island, but found stiff resistance from the inhabitants. Very shortly after that, the invaders decided to leave when the British naval ship, HMS Lapwing, arrived to lend support to Anguilla.

Where You Will be Staying
The accommodation at Anguilla Great House Beach Resort is in a West Indian cottage style mere steps from the beach, while some of the rooms are right on the beach. Any closer and you would be in the sea. Gorgeous Rendezvous Bay with it’s calm, gin-clear water and sugar-fine sand is the perfect place to unwind. Pick a palm tree, any palm tree, and stake your claim for the day, or find your favorite spot next to the pool overlooking the beach. Or imagine lazing on the shaded porch outside your room when it gets too hot to be out in the sun.

Eating In
There are two dining areas, a restaurant on the premises and the Coconuts Beach Bar. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available.

 Whether you’re seeking an action-packed adventure or a tranquil beachside retreat, these family-friendly hotels in Anguilla are tailored to meet the needs of every family member. These amazing family resorts and hotels in Anguilla offer a wide range of fun activities, clubs, and even delicious cuisines for the whole family to enjoy together on this Caribbean island. Create cherished memories, strengthen bonds, and experience the beauty of Anguilla together. Book your family vacation today and embark on an unforgettable journey in this tropical paradise.

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