10 reasons to move to the Cayman Islands

By Hannah Barnard on 12th April, 2018

If you are thinking about buying a property in the Cayman Islands as an investment, a second home for holidays or if you are looking to relocate, here are ten reasons why you are making the right choice.

Grand Cayman The Cayman Islands

10 reasons to move to the Cayman Islands

1. It’s always warm

Cayman’s tropical climate is a huge draw for people from North America and Europe, in particular. It’s nearly always sunny, rarely dips below 80 degrees Fahrenheit and very often there are days when there are simply no clouds at all. Paradise.

2. Cayman has outstanding beaches

Seven Mile Beach was recently named as one of the Best Beaches in the World by TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards. Even if you have a highly stressed job by day, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy Cayman’s stunning beaches at the weekend or even for an early morning/late evening stroll or swim. They are always just a stone’s throw away.

3. It’s a diverse and interesting population

Cayman’s population is made up of over 100 nationalities, so you get to meet and know people from all around the world, appreciating their cultures and customs.

4. It’s a brilliant place to bring up kids

Private schools are excellent and follow either the British or American curriculum.

5. There’s so much to do

If you are into sports there’s a club or society for pretty much every sport, from rugby to squash, tennis to cycling. Yoga, fitness and weight training are hugely popular, as are running and jogging, dance, horse riding, kite surfing, boating, and jet skiing.

6. It’s a safe environment.

The crime rate is far lower than comparable Caribbean locations and you won’t get hagglers on the beach or on the street.

7. The dining is sublime

For a small island, Grand Cayman has an awful lot of brilliant restaurants and cafés on offer. There’s every cuisine to suit every budget and occasion.

8. The proximity to the States

While the Cayman Islands are a wonderful place to live, the urge to travel gets all of us at some point. Grand Cayman has excellent air links to many major American cities – Miami is just over an hour away!

9. Shopping is a pleasure

Name brands are easy to come by here because of the diverse and varied shops all bringing customers excellent prices and a wide choice. Visit Kirk Freeport and Camana Bay for designer jewellery, watches, cosmetics and high fashion boutiques.

10. The calendar of events is always full

Pick any time of year to come and there will always be something special happening for the entire community to enjoy.





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