10 Best Restaurants in Nassau

By Banita Sadhra on 27th November, 2023

Nassau, the vibrant capital of the Bahamas, is not only a paradise for sun-seekers but also a haven for food enthusiasts. Nassau Paradise Island boasts a diverse culinary scene and an enticing array of restaurants that showcase delicious food from the Caribbean, Bahamian, and international cuisines. Join us as we embark on a culinary exploration of the best restaurants in Nassau, where each dish tells a story of the island’s unique history and cultural fusion. Get ready to savor an unforgettable dining experience that harmonizes the tropical essence of the Bahamas with the 10 best restaurants in Nassau!

 Restaurants in Nassau

1. Mogano

Nassau stands out as a hub for exceptional dining experiences within The Bahamas, and one such gem is Mogano is one of the best Italian restaurants in Nassau! Revered for its genuine Italian cuisine and beautiful ocean views, Mogano crafts a menu featuring beloved Italian classics like pizza, pasta, and expertly grilled seafood dishes. Among the favorites is the smoked salmon pizza, capturing the essence of Mogano’s culinary prowess.

Mogano Nassau

For a post-dinner drink or an extension of your culinary adventure, Bar Shima beckons just a stone’s throw away. This neighboring establishment offers a tempting array of classic cocktails and an extensive wine list, where you can indulge in delectable fusion cuisine. With Mogano and Bar Shima conveniently housed in the same resort, a visit to both promises diverse and memorable dining experiences in a single day.

Location: Mahogany Hill Western Rd,

For more info visit: www.mogano.com

 2. Graycliff Restaurant

Situated within the Graycliff Hotel, The Graycliff Restaurant welcomes both hotel guests and external patrons. This sophisticated dining establishment offers the option to reserve a table for excellent food, partake in afternoon tea, or indulge in a curated wine-tasting experience guided by their wine knowledge. The popular dinner menu items include the delectable Crispy Duck, succulent Filet Mignon, and the exquisite Dover Sole. The Graycliff provides not only conventional seating but also exclusive dining rooms that can be reserved for gatherings of up to 20 guests. A strictly enforced dress code adds to the refined ambiance, prohibiting attire such as shorts, tank tops, or t-shirts.

Graycliff Restaurant nassau

With its classy, old-school atmosphere, The Graycliff Restaurant provides an ideal setting for a meal away from the glitter of Nassau. Additionally, the establishment offers unique experiences such as cigar-making and chocolate-making classes. Given its popularity, reservations are highly recommended, especially during peak seasons.

Location: W Hill St, Nassau, Bahamas

For more info visit: www.graycliff.com

3. Cocoplum Bistro & Bar

Discover a culinary fusion of French and Mediterranean cuisine with a tropical flair at Cocoplum Bistro & Bar. Nestled amidst lush greenery and in proximity to the beach and local shops, this Bahamian restaurant offers an ideal setting to unwind and relish the best of Nassau. Situated west of Nassau at the intersection of Old Fort Bay and Lyford Cay, Cocoplum is cherished for its inviting bistro ambiance, warm hospitality, and culinary excellence.

Cocoplum Bistro nassau

Chef Cathelin, hailing from France, has crafted a menu infused with passion and care. Each signature dish is prepared with traditional French ingredients sourced locally. The extensive menu boasts a variety of island-inspired delights, including the refreshing Greek salad, succulent grilled octopus, flavorful half-rack of lamb, and the enticing vegan coconut chickpea curry.

Cocoplum Bistro & Bar welcomes diners throughout the week, offering a delightful brunch experience on Saturdays and Sundays, live music by a talented band during the weekends, and attentive service complemented by outdoor seating. Immerse yourself in the culinary artistry and vibrant atmosphere that defines this Nassau gem.

Location: Harbour Green Shopping Plaza West Bay Street Nassau N.P, Bahamas

For more info visit: www.cocoplumbistro.com

4. Kyma Seafood Grill

Indulge in the enticing fusion of Greek and Latin flavors at Kyma Seafood Grill, a sophisticated establishment renowned for its upscale ambiance and expansive menu. Whether it’s a romantic couples’ date night, a special celebration, or a spontaneous dining experience, Kyma Seafood Grill proves to be an ideal choice.

Kyma Seafood Grill nassau

Guests appreciate the restaurant’s chic decor and attentive service, with menu highlights including the crowd-pleasing gyros. For seafood enthusiasts, Kyma Seafood Grill stands as a top destination. The cool Bahamian vibes, coupled with exceptional food and a great cocktail menu, transform this into a captivating venue for an enjoyable night out. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor brunch on the weekends or revel in live music for an added dose of entertainment.

Location: Windsor Field Road, Nassau, Bahamas

For more info visit: www.kymaseafoodgrill.com

5. Dune 

Indulge in the harmonious blend of French-Asian cuisine with Bahamian influences at Dune, the culinary masterpiece curated by Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten at the Ocean Club Resort. Nestled right on the beach, Dune offers an unparalleled view of the ocean, enhancing the romantic allure for couples. Opt for the outdoor seating area upon arrival to experience the stunning views.

Dune nassau

To reach Dune, a 15-minute ferry ride from Nassau to Paradise Island is required. Open every day of the week for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the menu boasts enticing Bahamian food options such as the Roasted Nassau Grouper, Bahamian Lobster Flatbread, and Roasted Organic Chicken.

As a popular restaurant, during the high season, reservations are recommended to secure your perfect spot at this gastronomic haven. Sunday brunch at Dune is a particularly delightful affair not to be missed.

Location: One Ocean Drive Nassau N.P Nassau, Bahamas

For more info visit: www.dune.com

6. The Fish Fry, Arawak Cay

You are searching for an affordable and flavorful dining experience in Nassau that also includes a refreshing drink or two? Look no further than the Fish Fry on West Bay Street in Downtown Nassau. Here, you can savor fresh seafood dishes. The Fish Fry offers an array of traditional Bahamian fare, including fresh salads and scorched conch, with vendors preparing them fresh to order.

The Fish Fry nassau

Your grilled catches are seasoned with local flair, and the menu includes conch fritters, peas and rice, grouper fingers, and more—all perfectly complemented by a cold Bahamian Kalik or Sands beer. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, especially as the sun sets, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of island tunes. The Fish Fry events, cherished by both locals and visitors, provide a daily dose of amazing food and a wide range of drinks.

Location: 3JHR+VGG, Fish Fry St, Nassau, Bahamas

For more info visit: www.fishfry.com

7. Sapodilla

Nestled on the enchanting Sapodilla Estate, Sapodilla stands as an esteemed fine dining establishment celebrated for its exquisite surroundings, exceptional Bahamian cuisine, and top-notch service. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame captivating garden vistas, while the interiors are adorned in soothing tones of creams, pinks, and blues, crafting an island-style ambiance. Utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients, the chefs infuse passion and flair into every dish, inviting diners on a culinary odyssey through the flavors of the Bahamas.

Sapodilla nassau

Get ready for tasty starters like watermelon calamari or fresh shrimp. For the main course, there are many popular dishes such as slow-cooked lamb shank with baby bok choy, pan-seared and slow-cooked in red wine sauce, and sautéed calf’s liver with a special mix of spices. Sapodilla also offers vegetarian options ensuring they cater for everyone.  Finish your delicious meal with a wide range of beverage options or causal wines at the Kamalame Bar or the Piano Champagne Lounge, where you can enjoy soft piano music in the background.

Location: 3H94+WGX, W Bay St, Nassau, Bahamas

For more info visit: www.sapodilla.com

8. Meze Grill

Situated along Cable Beach, boasting stunning ocean views, Meze Grill is an elegant Mediterranean restaurant showcasing refined décor and a menu that artfully blends Mediterranean-inspired seafood and meats in a relaxed yet sophisticated setting. The restaurant’s chic dining space is adorned in soft, earthy tones, designer accents, and gentle lighting, creating an intimate and romantic ambiance, particularly in the evening.

meze grill nassau

The menu offers classic Mediterranean fare, featuring fresh seafood, prime meats, chicken, imported pasta, and organic conch salads and vegetables. So everyone can enjoy their favorite dishes! A curated selection of a fine wine list from around the world, available by the glass or bottle, complements the dining experience, alongside craft beers on tap or by the bottle and expertly crafted cocktails. Meze Grill opens its doors for brunch, lunch, and dinner, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for guests every day.

Location: W Bay St, Nassau, Bahamas

For more info visit: www.mezegrill.com

9. Social House Sushi & Grill

Situated on Skyline Drive, Social House Sushi & Grill stands as a Japanese restaurant offering fresh, handmade sushi, sashimi, and teppanyaki in a modern and stylish setting. Adorned in sleek and elegant décor, the restaurant features a menu encompassing a variety of Japanese delights, including hibachi, sushi, sashimi, rolls, tempura, teppanyaki, and other delectable seafood options for dinner.

Social House nassau

Skilled sushi chefs craft specialty rolls at the open sushi bar, while a diverse selection of drinks, ranging from sake to classic cocktails, complements the culinary experience. Social House Sushi & Grill welcomes everyone for both lunch and dinner, ensuring a daily opportunity to savor Japanese cuisine in a chic and inviting ambiance.

Location: 1 Skyline Drive, Nassau, Bahamas

For more info visit: www.socialhouse.com

10. Greek Islands Restaurant And Bar

Greek Islands Restaurant and Bar offers delightful Greek food with a creative menu of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine in a casual spot and inviting setting. This Nassau restaurant features a comfortable dining room with wooden tables and chairs, adorned with artwork that adds to the vibrant and friendly atmosphere.

Greek Islands Restaurant nassau

With a menu showcasing traditional Greek dishes such as falafel, gyros, moussaka, spanakopita (spinach pie), and a variety of vegan and vegetarian options, the establishment also provides a selection of casual wines,  craft beers, and classic cocktails. Greek Islands Restaurant and Bar warmly welcomes guests for both lunch and dinner, creating a daily opportunity to savor the flavors of Greece in a charming environment.

Location: Bay Street, Nassau, New Providence Island

For more info visit: www.greekislandsrestaurant.com

Nassau stands as a beautiful island for its natural beauty, boasting diverse restaurants catering to a spectrum of tastes and preferences. From the best seafood restaurants in Nassau to popular restaurants in Nassau Bahamas. The blend of local influences, friendly services, and creative culinary innovation ensures that Nassau’s dining scene remains a vibrant tapestry of flavors that cater to the diverse tastes of locals and visitors alike. We hope our guide has helped you find the best places to eat in Nassau Bahamas.

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