Top 10 best beaches in Anguilla

By Banita Sadhra on 28th March, 2023

Anguilla’s luxurious shores are a great way to escape reality. You will step into a tropical world of paradise with pristine white sands and turquoise waters. Anguilla may be small with 35 square miles of land but the flawless beaches are known to be the best tourist attractions. Our top beach guide will help you decide where to stay on your vacation and which beaches to visit. 

best beaches in Anguilla

Shoal Bay East

A shimmering 3.55 km beach reflecting pinkish-white sand and tiny crushed shells on the shore. You will be amazed by the rare beauty, swaying palm trees, and the blue relaxing waters. Along the beach are bars and restaurants, letting you enjoy a rum punch cocktail whilst watching the waves. 

Beach chairs and umbrellas are available to rent, as is snorkeling gear. There are plenty of water sports activities going on, from diving to snorkeling and parasailing. You won’t want to miss out on the fun happening along this award-winning beach. 

Rendezvous Bay Beach

Rendezvous Bay Beach gives you a breathtaking view of St Martin. With the turquoise waters and 1000-foot rolling hills offering a majestic backdrop. Behind the beach is a 50-acre nature reserve, letting you enjoy the beautiful green gardens and palm trees. You can take a 90-minute walk through the rainforest to reach a remote island. 

If you fancy a refreshing cocktail whilst watching the waves, visit Coconut Beach Bar or enjoy a bite to eat at Sunshine Shack. The beach is never too busy and is great for long walks between the water and sand. Your sunbeds can also be rented here at no charge too!

Sandy Ground Beach

Sandy Ground Beach is also known as Road Bay and is a long crescent-shaped beach. The beach is covered with white pearl sand and sailboats which pass by every hour. Along the white sandy beach, there are many restaurants, bars, and cafes – letting you enjoy a delicious cocktail whilst watching the sunset. If you are wanting to go scuba diving, there is a diving shop for you to purchase your gear. But if you’re wanting a romantic getaway hop onto a sailing boat and let it take you across the Caribbean sea.

The annual Anguilla Summer festival is held here every August. The festival includes food, boat races and concerts celebrating Caribbean culture.

Meads Bay Beach

Meads Bay Beach is 16 miles long and has become one of the most popular Anguilla beaches. Let the clear blue water wash between your toes as you walk along the beach. This is a quiet spot, perfect for devouring a good book and soaking up some rays. There are many beach bars like Blanchards Beach Shack, letting you enjoy a milkshake and a burger on the beach. 

A wide range of water sports is available for you to have fun. From kayaking, paddle boarding, and kite flying. The whole family will enjoy this relaxing beach vacation. You also have the chance to hire a boat and take to the seas, enjoying the views of the island from afar.

Cove Bay

One of Anguilla’s largest beaches, Cove Bay is a secluded beach that directly faces St. Martin. The eastern side of the beach is mostly used by fishermen and you can see the Greg Norman Golf course too. On the western side of the beach, you will see kitesurfers, swimmers, and horseback riders. There is easy parking near the beach, so you won’t need to worry about walking too far. 

The beach doesn’t offer any facilities so be sure to pack your sunscreen and hats. On your beach day, you will see some beautiful ships and there are lots of pretty shells for the kids to collect as memories.

Maundays Bay Beach

Experience the tranquility of Maundays Bay Beach as the coastline is strewn with soft sand and aquamarine clear waters. This family-friendly beach has fun water sports activities, loads of restaurants, and sunbeds letting the adults relax in the sun. Local rental companies can provide snorkel or scuba diving gear to hire for the day. 

There are many food pop-ups and snack bars for you to visit when you fancy a bite to eat. Just a distance away you can take a visit to the Devonish Art Gallery, the Pump House, or the Old Salt Factory. There is also free parking at the Belmond Cap Juluca hotel for beach access. 

Little Bay Beach

Dramatically large cliffs that tower over the pure shore, this is truly a perfect romantic getaway for relaxing. Little Bay Beach is only reachable by boat or via a rope leading down from the top cliff. The quiet beach doesn’t have any hotels or restaurants near the shore, so you have a chance to enjoy a moment of secluded paradise. 

Pack snacks, water, and a towel so you can get your sense of adventure here. Little Bay Beach is popular for snorkeling if you’re wanting to get up and close to the marine life. Underwater you will see turtles, stingrays, and coral fish! This is truly the perfect place to relax, away from the day today.

Crocus Bay Beach

Crocus Bay Beach is a stunning Anguilla beach with soft silky sand and aquamarine waters. You can watch the speculator sunset and see the beautiful views of the green grass hills. The beach has the famous establishment, Da’Vida which provides boutique accommodation, restaurants, and bars! There is also parking nearby, so it won’t be a long walk for you and you can rent sunbeds.

You can also rent scuba diving gear or paddle boats for the whole family. Take Calvin’s Boat service to Little Bay for snorkeling or a beach picnic. In the distance, you will see Crocus Hill which is the highest point in Anguilla – standing at 240 feet! On the soft sandy beach, you can sunbathe and have a chance to see sea turtles.

Island Harbour Beach

Island Harbour is one of Anguilla’s fishing villages. This relaxing beach is known to be a lot quieter than other beaches and is great for spotting marine life.  On your relaxing walk here, you will find peace in watching all the fishermen come and go. Along the shore, you will see the giant green palm trees and hills of green grass sitting behind you. 

Right next to the beach is Falcon Nest restaurant which offers the best seafood, from lobster to fresh fish and everything is available at an affordable price. The beach also has great conditions for sailing too! Every Easter weekend, Festival del Mar is held at Island Harbour. The fishing village wakes up and celebrates every aspect of the beautiful sea.

Captain’s Bay

Captain’s Bay beach is located on the northeastern coast of the island and is known for its remote location, as well as the large surf. Your beach day will consist of exploring the grass hills, listening to the waves, and enjoying the crystal clear water in between your toes. 

Make sure to bring your sunscreen and hats, as there are no umbrella shades on the beach. So you will definitely get a lovely tan here. Captain Bay’s beach is known to be extremely quiet, so make sure to bring a good book or a beach ball to play with.

There is roadside parking, letting you walk down to the beach. You will need to walk down a slight hill and the first beautiful sight you will see is the bright blue waves. On your way down to the beach you can stop off at Le Bon Pain, which offers refreshing drinks and delicious croissants.

We hope you have found the perfect Anguilla beach for your beach day. If you’re feeling extra adventurous why not try to visit every beach and let us know how they were? The island of Anguilla is truly stunning and it is worth taking a visit to your favorite beaches!

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